Purchase Justification

Hye-Dra-Cyl L.L.C. offers a product that you simply cannot find anywhere else.... at any price.

We are the ONLY manufacturer of 100% stainless steel brake systems in the United States. Our products offer the customer brake system components that WILL NEVER INTRODUCE CORROSION INTO YOUR BRAKING SYSTEM, AND ARE GUARANTEED FOR LIFE AGAINST FAILURE (excluding rubber components).

Other manufacturers offer "sleeved" components. Unfortunately, when you buy one of these units, you get both USED CYLINDERS and USED PISTONS! Since other parts providers are not using new components, they also reuse the existing piston retraction mechanism. Do you really want a 30 plus year old retraction mechanism governing the operation of your "rebuilt" brake cylinder? We at Hye-Dra-Cyl certainly didn't. Especially when you consider the price differential between traditional stainless steel rebuilds and our new cylinders. Their cylinders retain nearly 100% of the iron components in the original cylinder. The stainless steel advantage that they offer is only partial!

Our cylinders offer COMPLETE stainless steel construction, NEW castings, NEW pistons featuring an advanced design (patent pending), and NEW retraction mechanisms. Our products are guaranteed not to fail for the life of your vehicle (stainless steel only). All these advantages are provided to you at a cost that is NO HIGHER THAN THAT OFFERED BY OTHER PROVIDERS OF NEW BRAKE CYLINDERS!

We are also the ONLY provider of oversized brake cylinder components for your early model classic automobile. When purchasing new brake system components, why not increase the braking capacity of your vehicle at the same time? This advantage alone makes Hye-Dra-Cyl components a must consider option when updating your braking system. Our oversized piston models not only allow greater force to be exerted on the brake rotor, but provide the additional advantage of decreasing the brake pedal pressure required to slow your car. It's almost like adding a power assist to a manual braking system!

We feel that when you consider the magnitude of your investment in brake system components, you will agree with us that it is better to spend a little more for premium components, and stainless steel security, than to save a couple of bucks. So spend a little time perusing our home page and gleaning as much data as you can about our products. Then make an educated decision about what kind of braking system you want your classic auto to have. We believe that you will agree with us that there simply is no other more desirable option available than using Hye-Dra-Cyl brake cylinders.