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Distributors and Repair Facilities Carrying our Products:

Argyles Import Cars
Bassett's Jaguar, Inc.
SNG Barratt USA
Buzz Auto Parts
Browns Lane Jaguar
Classic Car Barn
Crewe Motorcars
Dave's Import Service
Donovan Motorcar Service
Laro Automobilhandel
Montgomery Restorations
Prompt Parts
Stew Jones Restorations
TCB Auto
Terry's Jaguar Parts
XK's Unlimited

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Brake Cylinders:
8776-18: @ $369* each!
8777-14: @ $229* each!
8777-18: @ $219* each!
8778-78: @ $229* each!
8778-34: @ $219* each!
8778-58: @ $229* each!
8778-12: @ $219* each!

Clutch Slave Cylinders:
HDC4252-364: @ $95* each!
HDC4252-387: @ $95* each!

Miscellaneous Stainless Steel Parts:
3824BV: @ $6.25* each!
316BPL: @ $18.50* each!
316BPR: @ $18.50* each!

Brake Upgrade Systems for FWD Vehicles:
2GENPGT: @ $1150* each!
2GENDSM: @ $1150* each!
1.25" Thick Rotors, 32 CCVs: @ $15*/pair! (with each purchase)
1.25" Thick Rotors, 48 CCVs: @ $60*/pair! (with each purchase)
Slotted Rotors: @ $50*/pair!
Track Pad Upgrade: @ $23*/set! (with each purchase)

Brake Upgrade Systems for Jaguar E-Type Vehicles:
ET13I6PBU: @ $2500* each!
Track Pad Upgrade: @ $23*/set! (with each purchase)




* All of the pricing listed above is displayed in US Dollars, and it is applicable to both U.S. and non E.U. customers.
Those in the E.U. are requested to contact our exclusive stocking distributor, Classic Car Tuning, at info@classiccartuning.com for pricing information.

If you have any comments, you can contact us at ghagopia@mail.win.org