Model Years Models Covered Part Number Piston Size Cost
1958-1962 MGA Twin Cam

MGA Deluxe

8777-14 2 1/4" $249*
8777-18 2 1/8" $239*
8778-34 1 3/4" $239*
8778-58 1 5/8" $249*

Standard size cylinders for the MGA's listed are 8777-18 on the front calipers, and 8778-58 on the rear. Oversize cylinders (8777-14 front, and 8778-34 rear) will provide approximately 10-15% greater force on the brake rotor, decreasing the required brake pedal pressure during braking, and potentially shortening stopping distances.

Miscellaneous Stainless Steel Parts:
HDC Part # MG Part # Item Description Cost
3824BV Bleeder Valve
316BPL Left Side Bridge Pipe $19.50*
316BPR Right Side Bridge Pipe $19.50*

* All of the pricing listed above is displayed in US Dollars, and it is applicable to both U.S. and non E.U. customers.
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